Session 90 minutes:      $ 125.00
Series of three session: $ 30.00 discount

Discount sessions available in Ocean View:

Discount 90 minutes session: $ 99.00 (only in Ocean View)
Discount 60 minutes session: $ 88.00 (only in Ocean View)

Initial session is always a 90 minutes-session.

When you come for a session you can pay cash, preferably the exact amount (with no change).

In some exceptional situations, when needed, I can come to your place. I will then charge a double session, for the extra time and costs involved. So the fee will be $ 198.00 (90 minutes).

Canceling procedure:

  • Canceling up to 24 hours ahead is free of charge.
  • When canceling an appointment within 24 hours before the appointment you owe the complete session fee. However, if it is possible to schedule someone else at the last minute at your reserved time, you will not be charged for your canceled session.