Are you having a birthday party, a wedding party or organizing another type of event? And do you want to have a nice relaxing space to offer as an extra gift for yourself and your guests? Geneviève Brunet is available to be part of your event with her comfortable massage chair, beautifully decorated festive booth and relaxing 15 – 30 minutes massages. You can book her for a few hours, half a day or even the whole day.


Chair massage is a ‘low threshold’ massage where you will receive a massage while sitting, fully clothed on a special massage chair. During chair massage different massage techniques are being used. This can vary from for example Swedish massage, shiatsu massage, cranio sacral touch, deep tissue massage until pulsing.  Chair massage can help to have a better energy flow in your body and help your body find a more relaxing posture and space. The chair is especially designed for a very relaxing posture so that will add to the effects of the massage. Chair massage is not meant to treat any symptoms or any disease but it can help in the process of letting go of tensions. It stimulates a better flow of oxygen in your body and a deeper, more fully breathing.


Chair massage is ideal for events as it is a moment for people to sit down, let go and come back to themselves while being in this celebrative space. It is a treat for body and soul.

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