Workshops or sessions: in warm water

Craniosacral therapy in water is complementary to sessions on the table. It works in the same manner, the only difference being its application in water. As the water is warm (it varies of course with the outside temperature) your body has an optimum chance to relax. And on top of that there is a very big freedom of movement as the body is not restricted by a table.

Pain that has been caused by tensions can be relieved. The combination of warmth and the absence of weight stimulate the floating ability in the water. This gives a big sense of freedom.

“It is always a surprise when your body reacts on touch in the freedom of water”

During a session in water light and soft touch is being used, just like a session on the table. This is complemented with elements from Aqua-wellness and Waterdance, which makes it into a deep relaxing experience.

Craniosacral in water is available in the form individual sessions or a workshop with a group of people (minimum of 4, maximum of 8), where you will be guided in a water session, working in couples on each other. The workshop will last approximately 2 hours.

If you are interested in having a workshop with a group of people and you want more information, just contact me by phone or contact form.